Lexington Kids Bring Causes To Cupcakes

From Red Velvet to Banana Pudding and back to Strawberry Milkshake or even Oreo – the cupcakes taste phenomenal, but it’s the passion behind them that brings out all the flavors!

“We sometimes know people who have a disease or a cancer and we simply want to do something for them.”

– Charlie Winston

Katelyn Reneau, a new sixth-grader at Pleasant Hill Middle School, has combined her love of baking with her desire to help. “I first started watch Food Network, then ‘Cupcake Wars’ and then I started just pickup tools with recipes and I was just making them,” Katelyn says, but since honing her craft the cupcakes have come a long way.

Along with classmates Mattie Lambrecht and Charlie Winston, Katelyn set out to help her Sunday school teacher who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Sharing recipes and responsibilities the trio, used the proceeds from the cupcakes to chip in with the teachers medical bills. If you think this is where the heart-warming tale ends, it’s simply the beginning…

Each month Katelyn, Mattie and Charlie choose a different local cause to be the beneficiary of their cupcakes. The idea quickly became “Cupcakes for a Cause.” Just last month, ahead of the their arrival as middle-schoolers, the team attended Pleasant Hill Middle School’s Cougar Carnival where their tasty creations were sold to benefit local mental health initiatives.

“We sometimes know people who have a disease or a cancer and we simply want to do something for them,” Charlie said.

As head of the finances and marketing efforts, at just 11-year old, Charlie hopes to raise awareness and funds for plenty of other causes. “Cupcakes for a Cure” will be selling cupcakes at Kids Kick Cancer at the Country Club of Lexington, just another great event in the Midlands, with all the proceeds going to Camp Kemo on Sunday, June 26 at 7:00 pm.

With big hearts and even brighter minds, Katelyn, Mattie and Charlie each have futures planned and a great headstart. Listen to the full interview above… and get a look at THOSE cupcakes!

ONLINE:   www.cupcakes4cures.com

INSTAGRAM:  @cupcakes4cures




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