In My DMs: “I Want To Know Who All These New Girls on His FB Are…”

Well I was going to do a blog about Drake’s reaction to a magic trick, but this is a little more interesting to me. Bruh. You know you have the ability to not embarrass yourself, right? Trust in a relationship is important, but the relationship only involves the TWO people (or however many consenting – and aware – parties there are) involved. This is between YOU AND HIM.

You guys live 10 hours from me. I don’t know you, and I don’t know him. We have mutual friends because you are from DE and I lived there for 4 years and there’s like 7 people in the state. There are a lot of people I accept friend requests from simply because it’s part of my job.

But look, I’m going to help you, I asked my therapist. People outside of your relationship are under no obligation to you, and her exact words “It is not up to you to dictate other people’s moral compass.” What that means: anyone who isn’t you or him (that can’t be proper grammar) isn’t responsible for your relationship. If you aren’t sure about your S.O., only YOU can work that out with that person & yourself. (Is any of this proper grammar?)

Would you send a message like this? How would respond, if you even would, to a message like this?




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