RIP AOL: Instant Messenger Officially Shutting Down

(AP Photo/Axel Heimken)
(AP Photo/Axel Heimken)

Before there was texting or DMs or Snapchat, an entire generation grew up using AOL Instant Messenger.  It’s probably WHY we all took to texting so well!

Believe it or not, AOL Instant Messenger has still been around all these years… even though I can’t imagine anyone was still using it. Well, now that you found out it was still alive – yeah, it’s dead. Remember that cringe-worthy screen name? Are you brave enough to share yours…

AOL just announced that they’re officially killing it off on December 15th.  I hope they post one hell of an away message first – like with the different color text and a super angsty song lyric.

On that note, who wants to be in-charge of clearing my internet history after I die? Rest in peace “hockeybrndn,” R-I-P.




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