Everyone Can See Your Cleavage

Trending today is the news that Apple saves any picture that showcases cleavage in your photo album, under a separate photo album titled “brassiere.” As you can see, I’m either super conservative or hate selfies (probably a little bit of both), because my photos are extremely disappointing if you’re on the hunt for cleavage. So here’s Chrissy Tiegen’s example in case you were here for boobs:

The news is actually Apple groups things, you can also look up other items “hats,” “cars,” etc., just as you can look up locations or any noun.

But still, people are outraged. You may be angry, but are you SURPRISED?! Can we please stop playing the victim to EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

For some reason, we act like technology is the most secure thing in this world. I’m more surprised when things aren’t weird…you know, when things are going too well. I had money in my bank account the other week, like a decent amount, and I was like hmmm, this seems off. I am more surprised that no one has stolen my identity yet. *knocks on wood* It’s not that I WANT it to happen, I’m just aware that people built technology so I am not trusting of it. Why are we so trusting of it?!

FYI, Snapchat has access to every photo that you send. My fear is that they also have capabilities to see the ones I deleted, too. Actually, I already assume that they can…my fear is that one day they will confirm¬†it and I will no longer be able to plead ignorance.

And let’s be honest…God forbid Google releases a list of everything I’ve ever googled.¬†Google knows more about me than anyone on this planet. Probably more than I know about myself. Google, if you’re reading this: you’re the prettiest and the smartest and the best…AND THOSE THINGS ARE BETWEEN US, ok?!




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