PowerPoint: The Biggest Mystery in ‘The Staircase’

(AP Photo/Skip Foreman)
(AP Photo/Skip Foreman)

I have been cruising through the latest Netflix true-crime documentary series, “The Staircase.”

We’re following the 2001 investigation and court case involving novelist Michael Peterson and his wife. It appears his wife died in a terrible accident involving the staircase at their home, but authorities something more sinister is at play… the only thing that’s sinister is the PowerPoint skills on display in the courtroom.

Yes, a man has lost his wife, his entire family is on trial – all I can focus on is how relatable one lawyers struggle with PowerPoint can be! If you’ve ever had a presentation or project that wasn’t going well, a meeting with the higher-ups you were more than under prepared for or maybe you just hate PowerPoint… this guy, feels your pain.




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