Wakanda Meets Columbia Walkways

EdVenture celebrated 15 years with a meet and greet with Marvels Black Panther!

Meet & Greet

While families met with the superhero, an array of Wakanda-themed activities were taking place. Everything from the search for vibranium to Wakanda tech brought the imagination to life. In addition to drummers, dancers and the Black Panther himself – EdVenture featured some of the artist that bring these stories to life.

Joel Nathaniel Owens brought “super” to the sidewalks surrounding the children’s museum! No stranger to the Marvel Universe and a contributor to the Black Panther production, Joel shared his artistry with families and patrons of Black Panther Day at EdVenture. He’s an artist leaving behind a finite ode to the big screen Panther and while this masterpiece is temporary… Wakanda is forever.

Catch more of Joel’s work throughout the Midlands on his Instagram.



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