VOTE: If You Had To Lose 1 of Your 5 Senses, Which Would Go?

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You know those random scenarios that you think you about during long drives, or in the shower, or right before bed? The ones that, though I don’t know statistics on events like this, are probably super unlikely to happen? Yeah, well, I have a lot of long drives and sleepless nights and so I like to really to think about and prepare for the best case scenario when a worst case scenario happens. I try to guide the Universe into not completely shitting on me. Anyway, one of these random scenarios came up and I have my answer, do you have yours?

If you had to lose 1 of your 5 senses, which would it be?

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In order of most importance to me…

Sight. Get out of here. I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING. Look, I’m already half a blind person when I pop my contacts out and that has been a life struggle. To lose sight completely?! That would be devastating to me.

Hearing. Music is my biggest passion. I understand that you can lose your hearing and still feel the bass, etc. but music has gotten me through every single thing in my life. It means too much to me.

Touch. I don’t want to lose this. I’m a touch hungry person (not with everyone, so please don’t touch me). What if still crave that but can never satisfy that longing? Touch has to stay.

Smell. Smells have the ability to bring you back to a very specific moment in time. There are certain scents in my life that I look forward to smelling, and I cherish the nostalgia of them. Smell gets to stay.

That leaves…

Taste. Nah, you can have it. I eat jailhouse style anyway, I don’t taste my food so much as I inhale it.

What about you? If you HAD to pick 1 of your 5 senses to lose, which one are you getting rid of?



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