What 1 Year In Columbia Looks Like

I went to bed on March 9th, a Thursday, on an air mattress in an empty apartment. As I laid there with my eyes closed trying to force myself to go to sleep, I had the weirdest feeling, like I was falling and flying at the same time. I woke up Friday morning and took the last few things down to the car with me. I was leaving Harrington, I was leaving Delaware.

An 8.5 hour drive gives you a lot of time to think. Never once did I think, I hope I’m making the right decision. It just felt right. I don’t know how to explain it. I had applied for the job the tail end of November. I talked to the Program Director, to the consultant, to the GM. Then the holidays came. I flew down in January and spent a day in Columbia. I met with an overwhelming amount of people who want to know who you are and what you do and it’s exhausting (in a good way). I flew back to Delaware and tried to wait out the answer patiently. I found out one afternoon mid-February that I got the job.

That’s how I ended up in Columbia and the last year has been, well damn…pretty amazing in some non-amazing ways and a few hella amazing ways. I actually have lived in one place this whole time (usually the first apartment doesn’t work out). I made friends –outside of work– after just a few months. I’ve gone to more concerts in the last year than I have in my entire life! I even got to cross a few artists off my bucket list…like partying at Kelly Clarkson’s house in Nashville, meeting The Weeknd, seeing the Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran (he had one of the best shows I’ve ever seen), and interviewing MAX!

I watched the Lady Gamecocks celebrate their championship with thousands of fans on Main Street. I’ve spent Saturday afternoons on Lake Murray throwing beer off of a pontoon boat, swimming with strangers, and letting the wind dry my hair.

I’ve kicked it in Greenville for hiking followed by a burger that is pretty much made of bacon (shout out to Bacon Bros). I got a little fatter, then got a little leaner. I ran my first 10K. I’ve met some dope ass people.

So here’s to another year! Thanks for having me.





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