The Royal Wedding Is Inspiring Royally-Bad Souvenirs

(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

They finally have the Queens approval, but these royally-terrible souvenirs do not! The big day is coming up for Prince Harry and Meghan Marckle, so prepare to have your dream wedding completely crushed by a Royal nuptial you couldn’t afford in even your wildest dreams.

At least you can have a one-piece bathing suit to remember it?

You could celebrate with possibly the most British wedding gift any guest could go home with… Marmite.

This one just seems to be on the less tasteful side! But hey, we’re all about safe-sex and when it comes to protecting the “crown-jewels,” why not…

Is there anything they won’t sell to commemorate this wedding? We give you Royal Engagement Bongos!

… so you can pretend to understand a monarchy and it’s intense marriage process.

No. Just no.

Now… THIS one has my credit card out of the wallet! The only real royalty… Ed Sheeran.

Obviously someone got fired at the print shop for this one:



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