The Best Trails To Hike in South Carolina!

I’m an outdoorsy person in a way that is not necessarily true. Like if it’s TOO hot (really we’re talking above 100 degrees) or crappy weather of any sort, I’m completely fine not leaving the house at all. But I also love fresh air and being in the sun, regardless of the time of year, so I was so happy to discover all the amazing trails SC has to offer. My first trip was to Casesar’s Head State Park (pictured above), can you just imagine that in the fall?! I also got to check out Gap Jones State Park (which is the same location in upstate area), and hiked to this waterfall (Rainbow Falls, I believe).



Luckily, there are a TON of places to hike all throughout the state, and Cola Today has made it easy to find them:

Trails to peak your interest 🏔️ | COLAToday

Photo by @amandajohnsonphoto When you think of great hiking , South Carolina probably doesn’t come to mind – but it should. S.C. has 400+ hiking trails across the state, offering something for every type of hiker – whether you want to see cool waterfalls or you want to rack up some serious miles.





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