Kaep: Citizen of the Year

You will see more of Colin Kaepernick on your timeline than on the field, but only because he’s no longer part of the NFL. At least not active on any roster.

When this first started, I went on air and said Kaep got caught slipping. He was sitting on the sideline for a couple of games before it was even noticed. I think Kaep was pouting and I think his PR people came in and told him he needs to have a better reason for sitting.

Regardless of how this started, or how *I THINK* it started, it’s not close to an end. And that’s a good thing. Because what has really changed? The conversation has become less about WHAT is being protested, and more about who & how:
“Do athletes have the right to do this while they’re at work?”
“They make millions, they should shut up, stand up, and do their job.”
“It’s not the time or the place.”
“It’s disrespectful to the military.”

Stop allowing people to derail what the conversation should be focused on because they don’t like the heat. People aren’t bothered by lies, they’re bothered by the truth. And they hate when the truth is pointed at them. But the conversation isn’t just about the actual act of kneeling…it’s also about Kaep and “what has he really done?

Well. What have you done? Are people allowed to support what they choose in the way they choose? Colin Kaepernick being named “Citizen of the Year” doesn’t take away from another player’s achievements. If we’re comparing JJ Watt’s ability to raise $37 million, then anyone over 28 years old who hasn’t done that shouldn’t be recognized for $h!t. These players have the ability to affect many, we should be proud of each of them for going above and beyond what their job requires of them. Or is it only to be celebrated when it’s done in a way that’s easy to swallow for a cause that doesn’t make you uncomfortable?

Do you think Kaep deserves “Citizen of the Year” title? Why or why not?



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