Amy & The Art of Dentistry

How Dr Wych and The Art of Dentistry changed my life:

If you have any questions for me, please hit me up on Snapchat: AmyMCR. I’d love to answer any questions you may have about my experience! Scroll through for a look at the process and questions I had, but let’s just get to it, and start with the:

4 veneers on the top front, and an At-Home Whitening Kit


Just checking in because it’s been a minute. I’ve gotten a few of the same questions over the course of the last few months, so I’ll answer them here:

How much did it cost?

Cost is all relative to what you need done, it’s not a one size fits all price! I highly suggest that you reach out to The Art of Dentistry to discuss costs and payment options. It doesn’t cost anything to ask questions:)

Do you talk differently?

My new teeth are a little bit longer than my original teeth, so it took a few days to adjust, but that’s it. You can hear me, I don’t have a lisp or struggle with speaking (I wouldn’t have been able to get veneers if it drastically changed the way I spoke!).

What’s the biggest difference?

The mental part of it. I cannot believe how much HAPPIER I am. Being able to smile confidently, feeling pretty…it has made a HUGE difference in my life. Words don’t seem to truly express how much having a smile I’m proud to show off has changed my life.


As always, ask any questions you’d like!



A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The drastic difference in my smile has increased my self esteem ten fold. Maybe it seems like such a small issue to be so self-conscious about, but I HATED my smile. I felt ugly. And no matter what I did, all the whitening toothpastes, brushing, drinking coffee out of a straw, it never got rid of the discoloration from my mouth injury and the resulting root canal. Two of my front teeth were dark gray. Every picture, I tried to position myself in a way to hide those teeth, and it got to the point where I just stopped smiling with an open mouth. Feeling terrible about my smile made me feel even worse, like I wasn’t strong enough to be proud anyway. In the last 6 weeks, I’ve felt such a difference in my life. A weight off my shoulders, a huge confidence boost. I didn’t even realize how affected I was by my smile before. Now, I smile big. Now, I don’t know how I could have gone on any longer being so self-conscious, so insecure. Now, I can’t wait to hop in pictures or in video. Now, I don’t cringe every time I look in the mirror.

BEFORE: I had two teeth in that were discolored, overall staining/yellowing, and my top were slightly shorter in length than they are now.


What does your first impression say about you?

Can I tell you how embarrassed I used to be of my smile? I know we’re all hardest on ourselves, but I was so self-conscious, to the point that I HATED taking pictures. I would always ask to be on my “better” side, but it still wasn’t a smile I was proud to show. We live in a world where people communicate in pictures, and I didn’t want to share mine.

The Process

I found myself practicing how to “smile” with my lips closed one day. RIDICULOUS. How long am I supposed to feel bad about myself?! After moving here a few months ago, I knew I had to do something, which is how I ended up at The Art of Dentistry with Dr. Wych.

First, the facility is PRETTY. It’s modern, clean, warm, and welcoming. The staff matches. You walk in and see smiles, are greeted, offered coffee…the works.

My initial consultation was informative and precise. It wasn’t a sales pitch. Dr. Wych was upfront and honest. And this is where he said to me “It’s never a bad time to take care of yourself.” That really stuck with me. We looked at before and after photos, and talked about all my options.

I ended up choosing 4 veneers for my top front teeth. Dr. Wych, and his tech Christine, took a mold so that he would be able to construct my temps. This is obviously a great picture of me getting the molds taken:)

The Temps

Here’s how it works: Dr. Wych constructs temps based off your mold. It took approx 2 hours for all four teeth. Dr. Wych tapers your original teeth, adheres the temps, designs/polishes, and seals. This is where I appreciated his attention to detail and passion for his work the most. I will have to go back next week (Wednesday 7/26) to make sure I’m happy with the design, take my final mold (a mold takes approximately 30 seconds to set–it’s a super quick process) and pick up my whitening trays. The final molds are then sent to his facility of choice in California who construct the permanent veneers. Those should be in in a few weeks.

Questions I had:

  1. Anything I cannot eat or drink?  You can drink per usual (water, coffee, wine, etc), however, with the temps, you cannot bite & tear (i.e. don’t bite into tough breads/crusts, apples, etc.
  2. Any special way of brushing? Brush as normal, however the temps are all one piece so you cannot floss in between them.
  3. Is there a specific toothpaste/mouthwash I should use for care? Dr. Wych provided me with an all natural tooth & gum tonic since I was unable to floss those four teeth. I used whitening toothpaste, Crest.

My reaction: (I took this video as soon as I got in my car. I’m not sorry about the $h!t, I’m from Jersey, it’s how we celebrate.)


UPDATE: Wednesday July 26th

Confirmed the proper fit today and picked up my whitening kit. I’ll post my before & after pics of the bleaching while we wait on the permanent veneers to come in so you can see the difference in PROFESSIONAL whitening:) Stay in touch on my snapchat AmyMCR!


UPDATE: August 14, 2017

Just wanted to check in! My friend said to me the other day “You got prettier.” I know I did. Because I’m more confident, I’m happier, and that changes the way I think about myself. Imagine being able to change your perception of yourself?! It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve had my veneers, I mean, I still have the temps on!!! But omg, the difference in my quality of life is major. Every time I take a picture or a video, just being able to not feel embarrassed or self-conscious of my smile…it’s such an amazing feelings, words cannot do it justice. Looking forward to getting the permanents on, but fully enjoying the new life my smile has given me.


Dr. Wych

Dr. Wych is my kind of dentist. He’s personable, realistic, honest, intelligent, and well educated in his field. He teaches seminars around the country, he stays up to date on the latest (you can see that by the technology offered at each chair in his practice), and he takes pride in his work. The amount of time and attention to detail he put in to my temporary veneers proves that to me. Want to learn more about veneers, Dr. Wych, and The Art of Dentistry? 803-781-1600.






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