The 3Qs: Haley from Lexington

Haley from Lexington took on the 3Qs this morning, and killed it! She had a little help in the car; her kids Garrett and Abby were along for the ride and helped mom play the pop culture quiz!

James Cameron has announced that there will be FOUR sequels to the 2009 space epic Avatar. Which of these 3 actresses was NOT in the original “Avatar”. Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver or Rachel McAdams?

Out of all the celebrity baby news, everyone seems to be buzzing most about Chrissy Teigen welcoming her baby girl over the weekend with her husband. What is her husband’s name?

According to the US Treasury a new female face could replace that old stuffy guy on the $20 bill, which President is currently featured on the face of the $20…



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