Weekend in Cocktails

In your 20’s, you drink for one specific reason…to not be completely turned off when the bar flips the ugly lights on at last call. I’m 31, things are different now. I enjoy one or two drinks sporadically way more than I ever enjoyed nights of partying (although it took me til I was 29 to learn that lesson…ahhh, the wasted dollars.) Anyway, let’s share some recipes!

My motto is “simplicity.” Less is more for me. My go-to, hard earned cocktail of choice is:

(Unnamed, but now I’m realizing I should name it)

1 grapefruit (I have a citrus juicer which makes it way easy, however, I have been known to hand squeeze a grapefruit.

1/2 Lime juiced

Vodka (I prefer Stoli or Titos’)

Fresh Mint (two leaves in the shaker, and one garnish)

That is it! It’s refreshing, delicious, pretty, and one usually does the trick. Unless it’s been a really rough week, then two is necessity.


Shout out to “aboveaesthetics” on Snapchat for sharing hers:

Rose Margarita

Tequila (my preference is Patron)


Lime juice (and a twist for garnish)

Edible glitter

We want a pic of this right?!

What’s your go to? Share it now, snapchat me “AmyMCR”



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