We Need to Chill.

In an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Ginuwine is talking with India Willoughby, and refuses to kiss her, because he is aware that she is trans and was previously a man. Twitter is afire with claims of transphobia, but is this the case?

Are we being for real right now? HOW IS THIS EVEN A DEBATE?!

My concern stems a couple of things.

Why does he have to kiss her? Because she’s a woman now? Does this mean he has to kiss every woman?

Are we not in a current state where women are fighting back after actually NOT being raped or criminally assaulted, but because someone made unwanted advances towards them and made them FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE?!

Then we come across this text thread:



I’m not a political wizard, but I’m pretty sure BLM and Ginuwine’s lack of desire to kiss India are two totally, incomparable things. Can anyone show me differently?

I am not “phobic” of anyone. There are many reasons why I choose to not like someone, but it will never EVER be based off ethnicity, gender, or religion.

But I’m also not attracted to women. Would it be transphobic of me to not want to kiss India

It’s who you are, at your core. It’s how you present yourself. And sometimes, I’m not attracted to someone simply because I don’t think they’re attractive. But what I find attractive someone else may be turned off by. What I find to be a deal breaker (being close minded), may not bother another person at all. My point is, all of this is subjective. Someone’s preferences aren’t up for debate, and most certainly do not require your approval.

But back to India…

Does every man have to kiss India Willoughby in order for her to feel equal? And equal to what? How dare we ridicule or shame this man because he didn’t want to kiss her, woman now or not. That would never slide if it was a man pressuring a woman for not wanting to kiss him. And you know what, you can’t have it both ways.



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