Today in Tech: The Token Ring

The “Token Ring” is all you will need, but there has to be a downside, right? Look, I hate to be the negative one (I like to think I’m a realist), but while this seems crazy convenient, all I can see is all the ways it’s going to be aggravating. I read in Chuck Klosterman’s “I Wear the Black Hat” that advancement comes from necessity. But now that we don’t NEED for anything, we’re making technological advancements for pure pleasure and convenience. While The Token Ring seems like just that: I mean, here is a device that you wear just as you would normal jewelry, that has the capabilities of doing erry’thangggg! From The Verge:

“It’s a fingerprint-sensing ring that’s designed to unlock and authenticate everything, including your car, house, and computer. The ring is NFC- and Bluetooth-compatible so it can work as a payment device or as a ticket for various transit systems. Most of that functionality is still to come, and in certain cases, requires additional hardware.The ring itself is available in six sizes and includes a battery that could last up to six weeks.”

But let’s think of the ways it won’t work. You will still have to carry a back up of everything: your keys, your debit/credit cards, and all of your devices. I recently went vacuum shopping and they have vacuums that have retractable cords. Which seems great, UNTIL IT BREAKS. Maybe I’m just a bare minimum kind of person, maybe I AM just negative (can we still keep calling me “a realist” though, please?), or maybe I’m just thinking about how easy it would be to lose this ring or have it stolen and give someone instant access to EVERYTHING. I like the idea, and it is pretty, but for now, I’m going to stand on the “issa no” side of the fence.

Shout out to The Verge for putting this on our radar! What do you think: awesome or unnecessary?!



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