Charleston Supermarket Censors ‘Summa Cum Laude’ From Grad Cake

(Hannah McKay/Pool Photo via AP)
(Hannah McKay/Pool Photo via AP)

Looking for a cake for your graduate who’s walking the stage “with the highest distinction”?  Well then better plan on somewhere other than Charleston’s Publix… because “cum.”

Now mom has to explain to grandma and several other disconnected graduation party-goers how this Latin phrase could be considered an expletive! No better way to graduate into the adult world, than with a little extra family embarrassment during your party celebrating one of life’s major achievements.

The frosting faux pas seems to be a censor block installed with Publix online ordering platform and the supermarket has offered a full refund for the awkward explanation that was required.

Now, if there is video of this woman explaining to her 70-year-old mother why Publix removed the word ‘Cum’ from her son’s graduation cake… they should just release it into theaters and break every box office record ever!



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