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Running is great for mental, emotional, and physical clarity, so I’m super excited to be getting ready for my first 10K. My goal is to come in under an hour. My best time is 6.42 miles at Sesqui Trail in 1:12:14. Whether you’re just starting out, in the middle, or a pro runner, I’d love to have you on my team!

I’m very motivated and inspired by music. When I tell you that my playlist doesn’t change that much, I’m not kidding. I workout to Kanye’s “Gorgeous” almost every single day. For over a year now. That song hits me in the best way possible.If you run along the Riverfront Canal or at Sesqui State Park, you may have seen me. I’m the one that is rapping and singing along (as much as I can, I am generally out of breath!).

So this is a curated list, all my favesĀ  including a warm up song (“Brave” by Wild Culture”) and a cool down/stretch song (“Runaway” for Kanye West).

Share your stats with me! I use the Map My Run app which tracks routes, times, splits, EVERYTHING! It also syncs up with “My Fitness Pal” app so I can eat more, which is always a win:) You can share with me on snapchat (AmyMCR), on twitter (@MYQ35), or link up with me on Map My Run (Amy Reed). Cheers!



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