Real Housewives of Potomac

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SUNDAY 4.9.17

The highlight of this episode is at the end where Karen calls out Robyn for talking ish about both Gizelle & Charisse.

Robyn’s predicament: she’s in the middle of their fight because she’s friends with both of them. The dumb thing is: KAREN CALLED HER OVER AND WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THE SITUATION. Say what you want about Robyn, but we’ve all been there with friends. You’re either in the middle or on one person’s side, and either way, it’s situation you want to stay out of, however, all she said was something to the effect of “I would not have been happy if Gizelle said something like that about me.”

Karen calls all the girls, schedules a hangout (tea at a some hotel), and then puts Robyn on BLAST. Yo, Karen, I got your card pulled, honey. You’re an instigator and you have nothing going on. Not a fan, and you did your friend dirty. Sit down.

SUNDAY 4.2.17

I’ve been here with these ladies from the beginning, which is easy to say because we’re only in the second season and it just premiered last night!


First things first, let’s catch up on who’s who:

Robyn: everyone says her marriage is weird because she and her ex-husband live together. They say it’s easier on their children (2 adorable boys), and I respect their relationship (or non-relationship, but can you two please just get back together).

Karen: enh, I don’t have much to say about her. She’s aight. Not my fave, not my least fave, plus I don’t want to insult my grandma, soooo…let’s move on…

Charisse: divorced or going through a divorce from her estranged husband, she seems judgmental in a not fun “heyyyy girl, let’s laugh at everyone” kinda way. She’s corny and trying to not to be.

Ashley: married to a way older dude, I like her-she’s the fun, wild little sister I never had-but not a fan of him.

Monique: we don’t know her yet, this is her first season and she hasn’t been introduced.

Gizelle: divorced, 3 daughters, MY #LIFEGOALS in everything; attitude, style, confidence, sense of humor…this woman has it going on. Love you girl!


The show last night reintroduced you into everyone’s life and their current sitch, but here’s what we talked about today:

Robyn and her man had to downsize houses, because of some financial mess their friend got them into, and now she lives in a SUPER SWEET condo. But she had Gizelle over, and kept making fun of her spot as if she was embarrassed AF. I find self-deprecation humorous when it’s done well, however, this felt uncomfortable. Like Robyn was even uncomfortable having to admit she lived in *ughhh,a condo.* BTW, who cares about that kind of stuff?! If you’re friend is clowning on you for making sure you and yours eat, GET NEW FRIENDS. Personal life rule: if you don’t pay my bills, you don’t get to talk ish on anything I have or do.

Ok. Next.

Charisse approached Gizelle to talk about their reunion/WWHL beef. (Quick catch-up: Charisse called Gizelle a whore by saying she’s not a whore at the reunion, but that she’s dated ERRYONE, and Gizelle got even by putting Charisse and her fireman boyfriend on blast on WWHL.) Charisse tried to slide in some thinly veiled threat and said “Don’t let the zip code fool ya.” Gizelle’s response had me still LOLing this morning: “She heard it in a song somewhere and has been dying to say it.” Gizelle does not get punked.

Also, Ashley, if you read this: GET WITH YOUR DANCE PARTNER GIRL. Did you see him?! Heart eyes emoji over here.

So now you’re caught up. These ladies go back and forth, and there will be a new woman thrown in the mix. Already looking forward to next week! #get #the #wine #ready

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