The Latest Beauty Tool… and It’s Already In Your Fridge

(Jesus Aranguren / AP Images for Macy's Inc.)

My first thoughts: WTH?!

Understand, I am a bare minimum person when it comes to make-up. Strictly for time. I read some survey thing that most women have 27 different beauty tools that they use for their EVERY DAY MAKEUP ROUTINES. No. Not in my house. But you ladies who do spend the time, who use the tools, damnnn you look good. And when it comes to looking good, it can be pricey. So here’s the latest trick to save money…

Stop. Buying. Beauty. Blenders.

There is a new trick, a new tool, that you can use instead. HARDBOILED EGGS. Yup. It’s true, and this woman’s twitter video shows you how good you’re going to look:

The question is: would you?