What Happened in Peter Rabbit?!

If you went to see Peter Rabbit this weekend, which unless you have young kids, you have absolutely no reason to (I’m all for kid’s movies like Despicable Me, Moana, Coco more recently, but this one looked terrible), you would have seen the scene where they throw blackberries at Mr McGregor who is allergic to them. Parents are outraged and calling for a boycott because this movie is “promoting food allergy bullying.”

YES. Parents are outraged over a movie where CGI’d rabbits are throwing blackberries at someone even though the entire movie is based on this man and these rabbits fighting. Meanwhile, Beauty & the Beast teaches kids that emotional abuse and being held hostage could leave to love!

Is a food allergy a sensitive topic or are we just becoming people who look for any reason to be offended? “Hey, my problems matter and are serious!” If you’re that concerned you’re kid is going to be inspired to torture someone with a food allergy because of this scene, I’d say you have a bigger issue on your hand. And if you have a food allergy and are that sensitive to this scene, it’s no wonder blackberries can kill you. Don’t @ me, I’m lactose intolerant. And intolerant of this sensitive, be hyper aware of everyone’s issues and don’t offend anyone culture.

Andddddd, your Tuesday morning update….someone isn’t happy…

Yes, this woman seemed to just be searching the hashtag on Twitter and replying to people to let them know that she was angry and would not be interacting with them on this topic. I don’t know her, but if you Google her name things get interesting:)



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