Good Or Bad Parenting: Virginia Dad Makes Son Run To School In The Rain

Bryan Thornhill is a father in Virginia and his four minute video on Facebook is getting a lot of attention today. Pops is just driving in the rain… while he makes his son RUN to school in front of him!

It’s only a one mile run everyday this week that serves as punishment. Thornhill shares that he did it because his son was being a bully and as a bonus we get to listen to his lecture about how to be a good parent. So what do we think: good parenting or too far?

(WARNING: The video has uncensored profanity.)

We’re all over the road here! Discipline, gun control and… oh yeah, if you think he’s a child abuser – you’re probably, quote, “a lousy piece of [bleep].”

All in all, it’s a healthy way to discipline and before we judge shouldn’t we take a jog with him? Cancel your gym membership.

Good Parenting OR Too Far?

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