Fantasy Football Loser Has To Spend 24-Hours At Waffle House

(AP Photo/Stanley Leary)
(AP Photo/Stanley Leary)

Justin Poliachik lost bigtime in his Fantasy Football and that’s when it all started!

Losing meant he had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House as a punishment. As many young ambitious Fantasy players, Justin had hoped the 24 hours wouldn’t suck as bad as his fantasy team did.

The guys DID allow Justin to take off 20 minutes for each waffle he ate while he was there… he only managed seven waffles and it’s probably for the best!

Justin believes an early-season injury to New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr sealed his fate, he told WWAY-TV. Losing your Fantasy Football bragging rights is bad, but is Waffle House really worse? We’re #TeamWaffles.

Have you had a reasl Fantasy League nightmare?


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