End of the CD Era

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“More than 800 million CDs were sold in the US in 2001, but that number fell to 89 million in 2017”

Consequence of SoundI used

I remember buying CDs…or I should say CD in the singular sense because they were $25 minimum and at 11 years old I could only buy one at a time…ANYWAY, as I was saying: I remember buying CDs.

And god forbid you bought a CD and the only good song on it was the one single radio was playing, which is why I bought singles sometimes. Yes, I spent $4.99 on one song that I had to carry around with me to hear. And you would never stand for that ish in today’s world!

I still have all of my CDs though. Some have moved with me from state to state, some are being stored at my mom’s house in NJ (but I can’t part with them). They do mean something to me, I can’t explain it. I loved getting new CDs, trying to peel that sticker off the top that would only tear into little pieces and was infuriating. I love the smell of the booklet inside…ok, it gets weird. I get it.

One of my favorite albums that stays in my car.

My point is, why hold on to CDs?  You don’t get the warmth like you do from vinyl, so your argument can’t be sound quality. It’s not convenient. Granted your visor looked really awesome, when you had all those burned CDs that were titled things like “Summer 2001” and “Ame’s Mix”, or the giant ass binder that you never thought was a hazard to flip through while you drove.

Most likely, your lifestyle isn’t conducive to carting around CDs. The other tech in your life doesn’t warrant buying CDs, so why would you?

You can spend $15 a month on a family Spotify plan (and by you, I mean YOU and not me because I have a friend nice enough to add me to their account, and I’m so grateful because Spotify is completely amazing), and have thousands (millions even, maybe?) of songs in the palm of your hand.


But of course, people aren’t happy and they’re tweeting about it:



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