Song of the Week

“Fall Has Arrived”

It may not feel like it, but check your calendars! Fall is officially here and Young Jeffrey has your Song of the Week. #WatchNow


Young Jeffrey has a song for all the hackers getting into our favorite celebrities’ mobile devices. Do you have “Privacy”?

“Hella Books”

It’s ALL about the back-to-school shopping this week! Do you remember how much you spent? #WatchNow

“Gotta Be Safe”

Young Jeffrey knows it’s better to be SAFE than sorry and he has a special message with your #SongOfTheWeek!

“Getting Old’s The Deal”

Feel like you’re gettin’ there? Then celebrate “National Senior Citizen Day” with this week’s Song of the Week! #WatchNow

“Rest Stop”

There’s nothing better than road trips with Young Jeffrey. If you’re hitting the road this summer, watch now!

“Help Yourself”

The only way Young Jeffrey knows how to get through a break up is through song…