Song of the Week

“Watch My Baby”

Young Jeffrey dedicated his Song Of The Week to all the butt wiping, bottle feeding, parent saving baby sitters in the Midlands! Who needs one?


Have you gotten your Flu shot yet? If not, let Young Jeffrey inspire you. #WatchNow

“Friday The 13th”

Young Jeffrey wanted to dedicate this song to everyone who believes in superstitions. #SOTW


Young Jeffrey celebrates Canada with this musical treat. Because… why not?

“200th Song”

Young Jeffrey celebrates 200 songs into his “Song of the Week” career!

“Fall Has Arrived”

It may not feel like it, but check your calendars! Fall is officially here and Young Jeffrey has your Song of the Week. #WatchNow


Young Jeffrey has a song for all the hackers getting into our favorite celebrities’ mobile devices. Do you have “Privacy”?