After A Weekend on Bumble, I Need Your Help.

I joined Bumble on Friday. It’s now Monday. And I’m exhausted. Did you know you have to talk to people?!

I text my friend Jimmy, who uses both Tinder & Bumble, on Friday afternoon because I couldn’t commit to swiping right (or left) on someone. First, how do you discount someone just based on a couple pics and a few lines in a profile? BUT ALSO, how do count them in? Second, my ego. Despite how I may come off or what you may think (which I’m not even sure how I come off or what you think), how do I just keep swiping right on people that may never like me just based off of my face?! My ego can’t handle that. Some days I’m legit trying to convince myself that I don’t walk weird as I walk down the hallway. Then I do walk weird because I’m trying to walk so perfect. YES, you read that. Some days I’m in my head about how I walk.

Because it’s Bumble, the women have to initiate the convo, which I’m cool with some of the time –I’ve asked a guy out before–, but ALL of the time?! Like cool, this is just one more thing I have to be in control of. Great. Do I start with small talk or try to be creative/adorable and comment on something specific to their pictures or profile? I’m not charming enough and I flirt like I’m a kindergarten boy…I’m just kind of mean. You have to be nice to new people.

So many of the guys are holding fish. So many (if they’re 5’9 or above it seems) include their height in their profile. I’m almost 5’11, should I include mine?

And my final question, is dating…as an activity. I’m introverted and find having to be “on” is exhausting. So how do you actively date? I’m seriously asking. Do you date one person at a time, multiple people at a time, how do you balance that? There’s names and schedules and…I know, I know, I know…this is why I’m alone.

Are you on Bumble, have you been on Bumble, what has been your Bumble experience?

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