Adulting is Killing Me This Week

This is exactly how I wanted to start the week off.


On Monday I had a washer and dryer being delivered and installed, and I was excited. EXCITED. Mostly because I really needed to do laundry, and also because I’m slightly boujee and looking for quarters and carrying my laundry from place to place is not how I wanna live any more.

I opened the door to my apartment and immediately knew something was wrong. It had that feeling you know?¬†And then I see it: water all over my laundry room and kitchen. The stupid thing is I JUST washed the floors (on my hands and knees because that’s how my mama raised me, otherwise “you’re just spreading dirt around”) on Sunday. So there I was, back on my hands and knees, and repeating the mantra I always repeat in my head when adulting is killing me: “Don’t spiral. Don’t spiral.”

I went through 2 rolls of paper towels cleaning it up. TWO ROLLS. Then I called the appliance place. “We’ll be out tomorrow to fix it.” Fine. Great. The tech calls me yesterday “It’s fixed!” I find myself in the same place as Monday, excited to get home, and as soon as I get there I look: no water on the floor! Could this be?! I immediately throw a load of laundry in and start the machine. And then I hear it, I see it. Water leaking out of the bottom. GET. OUT. OF. HERE. I was furious. I didn’t even tell myself not to spiral. And guys, I spiraled. In the most reserved fashion ever. I called the customer service line and calmly told the rep I was furious. “I do apologize.” And every time she said those words I wanted to snap a little bit more.

But I didn’t. I held it together, got a credit on my bill, and the tech came out last night and brought a new machine. Now it’s fixed for real this time. So it’s Wednesday. It’s a new day, and we’re going to focus on the positives of being an adult…like getting in bed as soon as I get home and catching up on my shows.

Lesson learned: don’t grow up, it’s a trap.

When was the last time adulting brought you to your knees–literally or figuratively…wait, no, not literally–?! Comment below or tweet @MYQ935!


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