Cameras Catch UK Jogger ‘Pushing’ Woman in Front of Bus

β€œβ€œIt was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle.”

– Sgt. Matt Knowles

London police are looking for a jogger after one of the CLOSEST of calls! The suspect was caught on CCTV allegedly pushing a woman into traffic as he was jogging. Many believe this is deliberate.

The incident occurred on the Putney Bridge and the man doesn’t even stop to check on the woman he just ran into. Many feel that he should be prosecuted and that this was a deliberate push, that almost resulted in her losing her life. The bus driver is being hailed a hero – local authorities credit the quick maneuver with saving the woman’s life.

Some residents in the UK understand how crowded a bridge crossing the Thames can be and are calling this an accident. One Londoner thinks she tripped on the joggers back foot and he didn’t even know it… we’re still seeing a shoulder check.