10 Ways the Lifetime Britney Spears Movie Failed!

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  1. No Britney Spears music- who makes a movie about Britney Spears and has no rights to use her music!
  2. Britney Spears has rhythm- the actress Natasha Bassett who played her had no rhythm! Even when Britney had lost all of her marbles she still looked like she could move. Natasha looked more like a flailing piece of chicken.
  3. That guy looked nothing like JT- if you are going to pick a guy to play one of the biggest Pop music hearthrob’s why not pick Nick Jonas, Zac Efron or one of the guys from “High School Musical” who might have had some singing and dancing talents.
  4. The movie paid no respect to Britney the Pop star- Britney was the biggest teen act ever, sold out arenas, broke music sales records. racked up tons of awards and was the official “Pop Princess”!
  5. Kevin Federline still sucked even when played by another actor what a leech! Who knew K.Fed was once Justin’s background dancer and left Britney home alone with the kids so he could cheat on her.
  6. Britney’s parents- Was Britney always a bit doomed because of her parent’s dependency on her as the bread winner. To this day her dad still controls her with the conservatorship.
  7. The Britney and Justin break up- didn’t you want more details, more insight into how their friendship and relationship hit a wall, yes it was a dancer Britney cheated with but did they try to work it out or have any break up hook ups?
  8. Where were the performances- it would have been amazing to see the actress playing Britney Spears dance like Britney, sing and perform to show Britney mesmerizes an audience.
  9. The Crazy Years- The Britney crazy years were epic the British accent, the baby drops, the bad weave we needed to relive a little more of crazy Britney!
  10. Bad ending- yes we are all happy Britney is in Vegas but in a lot of ways she was made to look addicted to men and you are not sure about her well being. I think we all wonder how Britney is really doing past the entertainer side of her personality? Her dad has control over her for the rest of her lifetime and in a movie or life that is no happy ending.

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